A free online tool that makes it easier to create WhatsApp links with custom messages.


WhatsApp has a feature that allows people to create links, so any user can click and start a conversation (chat) directly with the person who created the link. This functionality is called "click to chat" and as you don’t have to save anyone’s phone number to message them, it simplifies interaction.

Even so, creating WhatsApp links is not user friendly and occasionally takes more time than expected. That’s where WA.link comes in, we provide a tool which you can use to generate shortened WhatsApp links.

With WA.link you can create click to chat links without the need of parsing the URL or messing with WhatsApp's public API.

Why Workers?

We use Cloudflare Workers and KV to deliver a fast and global service in every request of those links so we can capture, measure and transform every call to be routed to the proper phone number with its corresponding custom message.