Lean digital twins – the interactive 2D & 3D spatial infrastructure platform to build powerful visualization supporting building operations


Smplrspace is a floor plan image based lean digital twin solution. We work with asset owners and managers to digitize and data-map buildings across their portfolios quickly and affordably. The digital twin can be distributed and shared dropbox-style with various building stakeholders such as 3rd party systems to access, visualize, embed in-app and integrate data API-first. Our goal is to provide streamlined visual and data infrastructure for the 99.99% of buildings in the world that remain un-digitized today, accelerating building efficiency and sustainability goals.

Why Cloudflare

The Cloudflare developer platform has helped us build a production grade application in a fraction of the time, with the assurance that reliability and performance across the globe is handled for us from the get go, and cost is not gonna hit us by surprise as we scale.

On the day we moved to Cloudflare, clients reached out to ask what we did because the app was suddenly much faster. That's how good it is.