Lazy Invoice

Generate a PDF invoice for a single product or service.


Lazy Invoice is a simple tool for generating a PDF invoice for a single product or service on the fly. All you need to do is and fill out a simple form.

A preview is displayed next to the form so you can see what the PDF looks live as you’re creating it. To download the PDF, just click the download button in the browser’s native PDF viewer.

You can also copy a permalink to the generated PDF, allowing you to generate the PDF lazilly (as in on-demand). So instead of sending a client the PDF file itself, if you prefer, you can simply send them a link to the PDF instead. Check out this example generated PDF.

Another use case for using lazy-generated PDFs is it allows you to programmatically create dozens or even hundreds of invoices by simply generating the URLs yourself. All you need to do is set a few query parameters on the URL, which is documented in the Generate Invoice project.

I do contract work very intermittently, so I never feel like it’s worth it to invest in serious invoicing software. Then when I do need to create an invoice for a client, I find myself searching online and repeating a series of tedious steps. I hope this project helps out other lazy folks out there like me.

Built with two Workers

Lazy Invoice is built using two workers, one to handle the UI of the site itself, and one which is service which actually generates the PDFs. Both Workers are open-source and can be found on Github: