HTTP Referrer Anonymizer

Mask the origin of your outgoing links with this free tool.


Every link you click holds information of its origin, giving the linked website the opportunity to trace back where you originally clicked the link. Using this simple, free and ad-free tool will allow you to mask that information.

Why Workers?

Cloudflare workers has helped us achieve many goals at once while still saving costs compared to many other serverless services. With Cloudflare's 200 locations the dynamic part of our service is now fast from every corner of the world, which, especially in times of global citizenship is becoming more important.

We are now able to scale easily 10x adhoc without any issues or delayed latency and of course Cloudflare has an incredibly good uptime.The provided tool "wrangler" helped us greatly to bootstrap the application quickly which we rewrote from scratch in Javascript.

I am still in awe on how easy, cheap and reliably I can launch edge computing application with Cloudflare.