( Data Sync provides replication and synchronization of semi-structured data and operational systems (on-premise and cloud-based SaaS) data into destinations of their choosing, primarily Cloud Data Warehouses.

About is on a mission to orchestrate data for every organization particularly those desiring to become data-driven, or those that are continuing their data driven strategy journey. (aka enables hundreds of companies to managed their cloud data warehousing and analytics solutions through it's cloud based platform. The platform provides synchronization of data from disparate source systems into a single source of truth data warehouse or data vault. This enables organization's with now well known and fundamental concepts once only few could afford, for example a single view of the customer, explaining customer journey's, analyzing marketing campaigns in near real-time, providing operational insights to sales, and other key business related functions such as Finance, HR, Supply Chain, and more.

Why Cloudflare

Cloudflare's products enable to fortify our solution for Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytics. Using Cloudflare R2 object storage as a conduit for customer data leverages the feature for customer data transmission and data storage backup for our managed data lake storage solution. By providing customers with the ability to store, migrate, transform, and backup their data in Cloudflare R2 via, customers are able to realize better time to value and faster speed to insights. As we continue building with the Cloudflare product feature sets including the R2 product, the synergy of Cloudflare's solid architecture allows to have infinite scale and reliability to further empower customers that desire to become or maintain their organization as one that is data driven.