Cordial: Custom Barcodes

Workers enables massive scale for Cordial's Black Friday initiatives


Cordial powers the customer engagement programs for leading brands, delivering personalized messages to customers. In preparation for Black Friday, Cordial needed to ensure scale and performance for all the content they would be sending.

How they use Workers

Cordial uses Cloudflare Workers with WebAssembly to:

  • Generate promotional barcodes on the fly: To create a custom barcode for a customer's promotional email, they used Workers to generate a bespoke app. Using Rust, compiled to WebAssembly, Cordial’s Workers app generates and delivers a barcode image on-the-fly.
  • Reduce load during critical times: To address the rest of their Black Friday needs, Cordial deployed a "stable of Workers": dozens of mini-apps ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Each Worker is suited for a specific job like shedding traffic that is likely junk, or routing some requests to a particular server to reduce load during critical times.

Why Workers?

  • Fast performance, even at massive scale
  • Low maintenance compared to cluster of microservices
  • Cost-effective and little overhead