COKI Open Access Dashboard

How open is the research published by your country or university?


The COKI Open Access Dashboard is a free, open-source, interactive dashboard that shows how well hundreds of countries and nearly 10,000 institutions perform at making their research papers freely available to the public. Visitors can search for and view comprehensive country and institution profile pages and compare similar countries and institutions using filters.

How they use Workers

Cloudflare Workers has provided us with a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for serving our static rendered interactive dashboard and REST API, all while delivering our content close to users around the world. Workers Sites enables us to store almost 10,000 pre-rendered dashboard pages and over 20,000 files. With the Cloudflare Workers Cache API, we are able to cache API responses, reducing API request latency. Our CI/CD system, Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Zero Trust enable us to automatically build private development and staging instances of our website.