Canva: SEO and Time-Limiting Access

Workers caches Canva's webpage and media to improve latency and time-limit access


Canva is a graphic design platform used by over 35 million people worldwide. The team realized their SEO was suffering due to Google penalizing them for latency. They also needed a way to implement time-limiting access for visual content based on a user's plan tier.

How they use Workers

  • SEO optimization: Google penalizes websites for slowness, especially on mobile. Workers helps Canva ensure they can serve a cached version of certain pages based on the device, which has greatly improved SEO.
  • Time-limiting access to visual content: Canva needed signed URLs to give time-limited access to media and images, based on a user's plan tier. However, signed URLs are hard to cache because the parameters change based on the media’s expiration time. With Workers, Canva can still cache that media at the edge and get the security benefits of time-limited access, but without having to refetch that image back to the origin.

Why Workers?

  • Flexibility and easy to use
  • Cost and time savings compared to having to run their own proxy servers end-to-end