Supercharges customer support supercharges customer support with a ChatGPT powered chatbot that knows your website and everything on it. With a custom ChatGPT chatbot, customers can get instant answers to the most common questions. When a customer needs more support, will seamlessly hand over from AI to human live chat.

How they use Cloudflare

The fully real-time platform was built to take advantage of Workers and Durable Objects from day one. Workers & Durable Objects power the real-time chatbot, integrated with OpenAI ChatGPT API, Queues manages website content crawling, and KV stores crawled website content.

Why Cloudflare?

“It wouldn’t have been possible to build and scale our real-time platform as quickly as we did without Workers & Durable Objects. Knowing that a customer can embed our chatbot on their website with millions of visitors, and it will just work lets me sleep sound at night.”