Create Presentation Slides with AI in seconds


SlidesAI is an AI-powered Presentation Maker that simplifies the creation of presentation slides, allowing users to quickly generate professional slides from text without needing design skills. The platform supports over 100 languages and integrates seamlessly with Google Slides. Aimed at saving users time and effort by automating the slide creation process, SlidesAI offers features including text to presentation, topic to presentation, customizing presentation design, and more.

How they use Cloudflare

SlidesAI was started as a side project to automate the process of creating slides with AI. A basic version of the app was put together in one day. Now, they have over 10 million installs, and with Cloudflare, they serve tens of thousands of users every day.

On the backend, SlidesAI uses Cloudflare Workers to interact with OpenAI and other services. They leverage Workers KV to store user information on the edge to complement Supabase’s database and give a faster experience to the end users. Users can upload their own logos and assets, stored in Cloudflare R2. The website itself is hosted on Cloudflare Pages and finally, SlidesAI uses Images to resize images for the main website, blogs and template pages.

Why Cloudflare?

“We’re delighted to use Cloudflare because we’re able to create projects and ship new changes lightning fast and without friction. With Cloudflare, we were able to serve millions of requests for $20 last month! You can’t get that anywhere else.”