Bringing the fun back into cooking


Simmer is the intersection of dating, meal subscription and recipe apps. Couples swipe through ingredients separately, like a dating app, and get recommended with recipe matches that align with both of their shared tastes for cuisine, dietary preferences, meal types, and more. Now available on app stores, Simmer is the perfect app for date nights in and is friendly to use for cooking enthusiasts, from beginners in the kitchen all the way to more seasoned chefs.

How do they use Cloudflare?

The Simmer team has been familiar with Cloudflare in the past and have adopted these developer products as they’ve come out. At this point, when the Simmer team needs to think about addressing another part of their building out his application, they turn to the Cloudflare dashboard to see if Cloudflare has a solution to the problem first.

To “bring the fun back into cooking” Simmer leverages Cloudflare Workers for zero cold start time and its abilities to integrate well via APIs. In addition to Workers, Simmer uses a combination of Cloudflare products to build, manage and monitor their app including:

  • Cloudflare Registrar for domain registration
  • Cloudflare Pages for building the front end of the application
  • Email Routing in order to route emails to aliases
  • Workers AI for embeddings and monitoring language models. The Simmer team currently takes existing recipes on the app, generates embeddings, and plans to build a recommendation list of similar recipes within the app UI

Why Cloudflare?

“I go to Cloudflare first to see if it fits my use case because it's so easy and simple to use! The documentation is always easy to follow with clear examples to get me where I need to go quickly”

“The easiest thing is how to integrate with simple REST API calls and how Pages use Workers underneath. Cloudflare also helps us save a lot on cost and paid tiers have great pricing!”