AI-powered translation software


OpenL is an AI-powered translation software, supporting over 100 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. OpenL utilizes AI and machine learning for precise translations perfect for professional translation tasks, offering features like content creation assistance, grammar correction, and language learning tools.

How do they use Cloudflare?

Developed using Nuxt.js and integrated with GitHub repositories via Cloudflare Pages, uses Pages for rapid development and testing in the Preview branch, enabling immediate deployment to the production environment.

By utilizing Cloudflare’s Developer platform, OpenL takes advantage of the ease of use and comprehensive security features to streamline the development process and enhance the application's performance and security.

In addition to completing tasks like domain registration, website development and deployment, SSL, and CDN configurations on Cloudflare, OpenL also utilizes:

  • Cloudflare Email Routing for email communication and analytics for tracking and analysis.

  • Cloudflare Security for robust protection, allowing OpenL to focus more on their core business.

Why Cloudflare?

“Cloudflare's free, user-friendly services have been crucial for rapid development, especially for independent developers like me. Integrating various Cloudflare services simplifies the development process, which is why we consistently choose Cloudflare. Thanks to Cloudflare Pages, we can swiftly publish updates.”

“The platform's ease of use and comprehensive security features have been remarkable. Our plan is to shift more AI computing tasks to Cloudflare, expecting it to further augment our services.”