Revolutionising the way businesses approach customer feedback

Eclipse’s mission is to revolutionize the way businesses approach customer feedback empowering users to make data-driven decisions by leveraging AI for comprehensive customer understanding.

Eclipse puts data at your fingertips allowing you to unify your Voice of Customer channels (i.e. phone, video calls, emails, support tickets, public reviews and surveys). The platform analyses it at scale and utilises Generative AI to provide key actions specific to your business.

How do they use Cloudflare

If your goals are to; reduce churn, drive growth or improve your customer experience, Eclipse puts the data at your fingertips and provides you actionable insights to drive your business. Eclipse uses Cloudflare for:

  • Workers for the backend API
  • Pages for the frontend to deliver content across hundreds of cities worldwide
  • Cloudflare Images to serve cascaded versions of each asset
  • R2 as the object store

Why Cloudflare?

"As a startup with limited resources, the Cloudflare developer platform has enabled our dev team to focus on building our product and not be burdened with managing infrastructure."

"As a platform that transcribes video/audio call recordings for VoC analytics, choosing a reliable object-store was an important decision. After the launch of R2 we switched from S3 and noticed a staggering 70% reduction in cost."