Unifying unstructured user feedback into living user stories


ChainFuse is an AI-driven platform that simplifies the collection and Unification of unstructured user feedback. Offering features like automated data sequences, AI-generated reports, and ChainFuse's AI tool “Clair”, the platform aims to reduce the time spent on organizing feedback, assisting in categorizing feedback into feature requests, bugs, and comments. ChainFuse can easily integrate with communication channels like Discord, Discourse, and Slack to help marketing, product, community, and success teams facilitate easier collaboration and decision-making, enabling more focus on actionable insights for product improvement.

How they use Cloudflare

ChainFuse relies heavily on Cloudflare to build and manage the application. The team has built out a large API with Workers and Pages for front end + backend integrations. Smaller Workers are used as plugins into the main API. All the AI feedback leverages Workers AI for Embeddings model and Text Gen models.

Chainfuse elevates its security by deploying Cloudflare Zero Trust for all internal operations, including AI tasks. This ensures network-level security at runtime, and strict access control and identity verification, thereby safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential threats

Vectorize assists in the deduplication process by comparing the detected message with previously collected and tagged ones. If it meets a certain threshold, it is added to a collection of related topics, even if they are expressed differently. Everything is stored with Cloudflare D1, utilizing a separate database instance for each tenant. This approach ensures that their data is easily secured, both from external threats and in compliance with global privacy laws such as GDPR, APPI, and nine others.

To handle the scale of incoming feedback efficiently, ChainFuse uses Cloudflare Queues, enabling optimized processing through techniques like batching and parallelization. This approach not only enhances stability by ensuring no feedback is lost during outages or poor network conditions but also significantly improves the system's ability to manage and process large volumes of data seamlessly.

Why Cloudflare?

“ChainFuse transforms unstructured data chaos into actionable insights, ensuring every piece of customer feedback, issue, and opportunity is heard and valued. Using products such as Workers AI, AI Gateway, and Vectorize, we have successfully analyzed and categorized over 50,000 unique conversations from places like Discord, Discourse, Twitter, G2, and more. Having access to 32 AI models for any task—and swapping them on the fly—allows us to be accurate and efficient at scale.” - George Portillo, co-founder,