Collecting and analyzing user feedback on a large scale

ChainFuse is a multichannel AI platform that assists organizations in collecting and analyzing user feedback on a large scale. Their AI-powered community tool aids support, community, and product teams in garnering valuable insights, facilitating more informed product decisions.

How they use Cloudflare

ChainFuse relies on Workers for the core of their backend infrastructure and a range of our security solutions to secure their applications and employees. WAF and its vast adaptability is a major defense, blocking an average of 48% of all incoming traffic. API Shield, used in conjunction with WAF, intercepts an average of 1.32% of the incoming traffic that manages to bypass WAF. The Zero Trust Gateway not only secures their employees but also is integrated into their product to prevent end users from exploiting the platform for malicious purposes.

Why Cloudflare?

"Since 2016, we have consistently chosen Cloudflare for our projects due to their excellent product range and reliable performance. Saying "it just works" is an understatement.”