Widget Guide for Zendesk

Configure and customize the Zendesk Support widget.


The widget configurator generates Zendesk Widget configuration JavaScript code based on the Web Widget API.

This tool allows you to change colors, text and buttons via a GUI instead of writing code. You can show or hide specific interface elements, fill in form fields, translate the interface or rebrand the widget to match your brand and style. You can see your changes live while making them, and however you’ve configured the widget, that code is available to copy and paste into your website as working Widget code.

The main website is hosted on Cloudflare Pages, the API resources for the app are cached and hosted via Cloudflare and the API resources are generated via Cloudflare workers asked on the Zendesk Developer Documentation.

Why Workers?

It allows the tool and its API and resources calls to scale without additional hosting costs, we can make the resources available in app via security headers or Cloudflare access, but block them for the public internet, and now with Cloudflare Pages even the landing page is hosted for free.