TypedWebhook.tools is a free tool that helps developers inspect webhook and HTTP request payloads and automatically generate type definitions for TypeScript, JSON Schema, and Cue.

Webhooks are great! But, to use them you almost always need to generate types for the request data. Why not have that done automatically for you?

TypedWebhook.tools gives you a unique URL that you can send any webhook or HTTP request to then allows you to inspect the payload and get automatically generated type definitions for TypeScript, Cue and JSON Schema. With types, developers can confidently and more easily consume webhook data with less effort.

Workers made this project a breeze to build since the realtime nature of the tool required WebSockets. Durable Objects made it very easy to establish and persist websocket connections for users so we can send the payloads we receive directly to the user's browser. Also, KV was a brilliantly simple way to track sessions and authorize WebSocket connection requests. We saved days building this project with Workers.