TOPdesk: Modify & Route Requests

Workers manages TOPdesks' customer service requests, enabling massive scale


TOPdesk offers a cloud-based enterprise service management solution to 10+ million end users. The company enables real-time monitoring of current support requests, secure sharing requests between teams, and storing historical data.

As the company grew, they needed to update their underlying infrastructure to handle the large number of customer requests, while maintaining high performance and dependability.

How they use Workers

  • **Modifying and routing customer requests: ** TOPdesk began running all their support requests through Workers, using it to modify customer requests and route them to the correct service application. This was a switch for the company who had previously been using NGINX to modify requests as they came in.

Why Workers?

  • Automatic scale at high performance
  • Speed, doing 10s of thousands of requests per second
  • Light codebase, with no infrastructure to maintain