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TestApp.io is your all-in-one solution for app testing and feedback. We bridge the gap between developers, QA engineers, and testers, acting as your private app store to ensure your applications are refined and ready for full-scale release.

By seamlessly integrating app uploading and instant tester notifications, we streamline the testing process. Our unique in-app feedback SDK captures in-depth session data, fostering collaboration and enhancing the quality of your final product. Boost productivity and elevate app reliability with TestApp.io.

Why Cloudflare

The Cloudflare Developer Platform has been instrumental in powering TestApp.io's core functionalities, particularly in managing file uploads. Whether it's uploading an app release or a feedback attachment, Cloudflare Workers, KV, and R2 have dramatically transformed this process, delivering unparalleled efficiency. This shift from numerous AWS EC2s to Cloudflare's solutions has brought significant cost reductions, minimized server load and latency, and improved service availability across regions.

Beyond this, Cloudflare's comprehensive suite of services—encompassing DNS management, image resizing, firewall, redirections, bot detection, and Pages—have strengthened our operations in terms of both efficiency and security. As a startup, Cloudflare has enabled us to accelerate our innovation process and concentrate more on enhancing our product. We continually explore new avenues to further incorporate Cloudflare's robust, scalable solutions into our platform.