Effortlessly generate AI-powered content with our all-in-one tool.


SticAI is an all-in-one tool that enables users to effortlessly generate AI-powered content. With a collection of over 2000 AI prompts and templates, users can generate content with a single click. Additionally, SticAI allows users to create and manage their own AI prompts with just two clicks.

The tool also features SticChat, a user interface similar to ChatGPT but with additional features, as well as workflows to automate day-to-day tasks. Users can save generated responses to projects and manage and edit them for later use. SticAI aims to simplify the content creation process for businesses and individuals by leveraging the power of AI.

Why Cloudflare

At SticAI, we rely on Cloudflare's top-notch infrastructure to power our website and database. We use Pages to host our website, and D1 Database to serve up our impressive collection of 2000+ prompts. To ensure lightning-fast response times, we also utilize Workers KV to cache responses, and R2 storage to serve images. And that's not all - we track web analytics with Cloudflare analytics and send transactional emails with Cloudflare mailchannels.

Thanks to Cloudflare's reliable and speedy infrastructure, we can focus on what we do best - building innovative SaaS and enterprise apps. The overall experience with Cloudflare has been nothing short of amazing, making it our go-to choice for all our infrastructure needs.