Analytics and A/B Testing made easy


We didn't find an affordable A/B testing and analytics tool that's easy to use. That's why we created Splitbee. It combines the best features of Google Analytics, Mixpanel & Optimizely to provide a smooth experience to improve your traffic.

Do you want to test which "checkout" button label performs the best to get the most conversions? We got you covered.

Can't decide which version of your landing page is better? Split your traffic with Splitbee and track the signups. See which one is performing better!

Why Workers?

We used Cloudflare Workers to get the best response times all over the world. Previously we had a single service running that had an awful ping from the US.

By moving the Analytics/Split Service to Cloudflare Workers, we can now archive fast response times (mostly <100ms). This rewrite also allowed us to scale even faster. No need to worry about 100+ requests/second with consistent response times.

We've also used Cloudflare Workers to receive the favicons from an URL. Example: https://favicon.splitbee.io/?url=https://workers.cloudflare.com/