SIYA - Standup Insights & Your Analytics

A simple bot to automate and organise your team’s stand-ups.


SIYA, also known as Standup Insights and Your Analytics, is a versatile bot designed to enhance daily stand-ups and improve Jira integration for teams. It simplifies the process of conducting stand-ups, making them effortless for teams to carry out. Instead of scheduling a meeting and having everyone communicate on a call, SIYA streamlines the process by collecting updates from each participant at a designated time. This allows team members to answer the stand-up questions at their own pace, eliminating the need for synchronous communication. The bot then posts these updates into a specific channel, facilitating collaboration and keeping team members informed about each other's progress. This feature can be customised to focus on the most relevant aspects, providing team leads and managers with a clear overview of their team's status and helping them stay on top of their responsibilities.

SIYA goes beyond stand-ups and offers seamless integration with Jira, ensuring that work logs and updates are accurately tracked. This integration enables teams to stay organised with their project timelines and responsibilities, avoiding delays or missed deadlines. Whether you are a manager seeking collaboration or a team member aiming for effective goal achievement, SIYA serves as a valuable tool to enhance team performance and drive success.

Why Cloudflare

Cloudflare has played a crucial role in helping me turn my vision into reality through its comprehensive range of state-of-the-art technologies specifically designed for developers. The power of Cloudflare's global network has been instrumental in enabling me to write scalable and high-performing code, leveraging features such as edge compute and the CLI tool Wrangler. By harnessing the capabilities of Cloudflare's Workers, Workers KV, and Durable Objects, I have seamlessly integrated advanced functionalities into my projects without the need for significant infrastructure investments. Cloudflare not only facilitates quick iterations and efficient work processes but also proves to be cost-effective, allowing me to bring my ideas to life without straining my budget. With their unwavering support and cutting-edge solutions, Cloudflare has become an invaluable partner throughout my journey.