Plink makes smart podcast links. Send listeners to the right place. Any device, every time.


Plink makes smart links for podcasts. Auto-open installed podcast apps native to listener's iOS, Android, and other mobile and smart watch devices. Each smart link also has a Show Page (example: that desktop users will see with links to that show in Apps like Apple & Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast, and other podcatchers.

Confidently share links on any social platform, in posts, emails, show notes, websites — anywhere. One smart link - send every listener to the right place, no matter device and app preferences.

Why Workers?

Plink's core link routing functions, static pages solutions, and more are empowered by Cloudflare Workers. With Workers, you can write, deploy, and run server-side JavaScript “from the edge”, serving everything from data centers close to the end-users. Workers and serverless environments, in general, are extremely efficient, performant, and fast.

Beyond the HTML/CSS/JS, Node.js, and Webpack codebase “from the edge” in Workers, we're making use of other Cloudflare solutions like their Workers key-value (KV) storage, as well as the CDN and DNS management which only made sense to keep consolidated in one place.