PhishFort Ghostlink

PhishFort provides anti-phishing solutions to some of the most targeted companies in the world.


PhishFort provides anti-phishing solutions to some of the highest risk industries in the world. Tackling phishing is one of the most difficult and long running cybersecurity challenges on the internet. PhishFort uses multiple layers of defence in order to create an effective end to end anti-phishing strategy. One of the technologies that PhishFort deploys in order to combat phishing is their Ghostlink technology. Embedding a resource in our customers websites allows us to discover when the website is cloned by an attacker, and PhishFort can respond quickly to shutdown the attack.

Why Workers?

Workers provide us with a fast, low latency, and robust infrastructure to support our Ghostlink technology. As we are embedding a resource in our customers web assets, we require that the resource is served reliably, with low latency, and is served from a CDN like network. However, we require a layer of logic processing to be performed on each request which means that we can’t rely on a typical CDN for delivery of the resource. For this reason, CloudFlare Workers provide an ideal solution for what we're trying to achieve.

The first level of logic processing for Ghostlink is done by Cloudflare Workers and has proven to be cost effective, scalable, and reliable.