Party Kit

An open source developer platform for real-time collaboration


PartyKit is a developer focused platform for building real-time, multiplayer, collaborative applications and websites. By providing familiar libraries and tools to build applications, and a worldwide edge platform to deploy them, PartyKit enables regular developers and teams to build ambitious experiences to differentiate themselves. Developers can choose to use CRDTS, state machines, libraries from npm, or build custom solutions on top of novel primitives powered by Durable Objects and Cloudflare Workers.

Why Cloudflare

The Cloudflare network prepared us for scale on Day 1; we can onboard thousands (if not millions) of users without breaking a sweat. Leaning on web standards and open source means we can create a familiar environment without reinventing the wheel. The open source runtime lets us create a bespoke local developer environment that behaves exactly the same way in production.