Optimizely: Edge-Based Experimentation

Optimizely harnesses Workers to optimize website performance on the edge


Optimizely optimizes website performance, running a massive experimentation platform for thousands of customers. These tests help users improve website layout & copy, identify high growth products, and more. As Optimizely began to scale, they started seeing negative impacts on their platform's performance.

How they use Workers

  • Experimentation platform: Optimizely began running their platform on Workers to perform large-scale A/B testing to inform marketing messages, deliver personalized customer experiences, and more. They can now concurrently run ten or even one hundred times as many tests without a noticeable impact on performance.

Why Workers?

  • **High performance edge network: ** Logic runs on Cloudflare's 200+ data centers as opposed to the client's browser

  • ** Easy to use, with simple onboarding:** The Optimizely team could just go into Workers and write Javascript — and then it just works