Opendoor's Landing Page

Landing page experimentation and testing with Optimizely.


Opendoor is a technology company in the real-estate space. We needed a way to test out new landing page infrastructure, designs, and run multiple experiments on that infrastructure.

Why Workers?

We were able to do this all in a Cloudflare Worker with Optimizely. This project uses Optimizely, Workers KV, and the Cache API to make all experiment assigning decisions in the worker and we're able to cache most requests to our site (even though users seeing completely different UI treatments).

We managed to successfully run all of our intended A/B tests on this new landing page infrastructure. The Cloudflare Worker logic has been rock solid, and we haven’t run into any production issues. Developers love developing against this service and adding new features and experiments is easy. We put Cloudflare Workers in the critical path of our business and it's only been a positive for us. We use workers for a large number of use-cases beyond this and our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.