OneTrust: Geo-locator for Privacy Pop-Up Banners

Workers uses website cookies to improve OneTrust's customer experience


OneTrust offers SaaS solutions to manage privacy, security, and governance to comply with regulations such as the CCPA, GDPR, and more. As the company grew internationally with more regulations to manage, their cloud provider's compute function could not scale at high performance.

How they use Workers

  • Geo-locator for website cookie banners: OneTrust needed to run custom code for their privacy pop-up banners which appear when a visitor enters a website. They must serve information based on the user's regional privacy regulations. The team uses Workers to serve code that runs a geo-locator to look up the visitor’s jurisdiction, then dynamically load the appropriate policy banner.
  • Synchronizing a visitor’s consent across devices: OneTrust wanted to improve user experience when providing consent for cookies, etc. If a user visits a website on a desktop and provides their consent preferences, Workers pulls that consent down to their other devices. Additionally, user content preferences are delivered through a Worker node closest to their geographic location, which dramatically improves performance.

Why Workers?

  • "Performance and cost benefits were massive. Latency was halved, and our costs went down by 90%".
  • "Because Workers is a highly distributed architecture, I don’t have to spend time with my team figuring out how to build features to be highly available. Our time to market has dramatically sped up".

- Blake Brannon, OneTrust CTO