Ninetailed Experience API

The Ninetailed Experience API allows developers to create representations of digital consumers that are compliant with privacy legislation and can be updated in real-time or asynchronously using Cloudflare Workers and Durable Objects to ensure low latency and high performance in web applications.


The Ninetailed Experience API enables developers to create comprehensive yet privacy legislation-compliant representations of digital consumers on the edge. The API allows profiles to be updated in response to real-time customer interactions, or asynchronously from other customer data repositories a business may own. Thanks to Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Durable Objects, profiles are always up-to-date with any data they have been enhanced with and are served with extremely low latency to web applications that must emphasize performant user experiences.

Ninetailed is an API-first personalization and experimentation solution that gives digital teams radical freedom to create instant experiences to personalize, test, and optimize the customer journey without performance trade-offs for composable MACH architecture and integrates seamlessly with the modern technology stack.

How they use Cloudflare Cloudflare is easy to scale with a lean team, which means that, at Ninetailed, we have been able to quickly and easily adjust the resources we are using based on our needs without having to devote a lot of time or resources to the process. We’re able to run 100s of millions of requests with a < 0.0001% request error quote without problems. Moreover, Cloudflare has geo-distributed servers, which means that they have servers located in multiple geographic locations. This can help reduce latency for our Experience API, as the data doesn't have to travel as far to reach the user. Cloudflare's distributed server network has helped reduce the average request time for our Experience API to 50ms roundtrip. This is likely to have improved the user experience for their customers. Lastly, Cloudflare is an excellent choice for businesses looking to save on costs. With Cloudflare, we have seen notable savings of 2.5 times compared to what we were paying before.