Write anything, 10x faster. AI writing assistant with templates and foreign language support


Molin is a writing assistant powered by AI. Molin helps people write 10x faster and comes with helpful templates for blog posts, emails, product descriptions, and tons more.

Molin’s unique selling point is support for foreign languages. We have 3,000+ users from non-English speaking countries, quickly growing. We are proud to be ramen profitable.

Our current target market is university students, small business owners and marketing professionals from Southeast Europe.

Why Cloudflare Cloudflare's platform was essential in delivering a product to market so quickly. It allows us to scale seamlessly from 0 to 1000s of concurrent users.

Molin runs fully at the edge on Cloudflare's scalable Workers platform. We use caching to speed up page loads, HTMLRewriter to make pages dynamic and on-the-fly translation, and KV as our only database.