Food tracking and calorie counting installable web app.


A simple web based tool for creating meal plans, used by people who are hacking their diet for slim down or pack on muscle. Half the battle of just going to the gym is eating consistently, and this app helps organise that.

This Progressive Web App can be installed to your desktop for offline use, where your meal plans are kept in sync. You can add the things you eat, calculate their macros, then put them in a day to day plan according to your goals.

Why Workers?

An isomorphic app like this being released in multiple countries (Brazil, USA, UK, and Portugal) would require significant effort in running docker containers in multiple locations and then load balancing them, connecting all the CI, TLS. All this overhead is gone with Cloudflare Workers. We just pre-render all the HTML and JS and upload as a worker to Workers KV using Wrangler now integrated in into the CI pipeline. A custom worker script manages the different routes to serve the "app shell" and take advantage of HTTP/2 pushing, something that would not be possible if we just load balanced a storage bucket instead.