Lil Redirector

Redirector engine built with Workers KV

Lil Redirector is a redirector tool built for managing redirects at the edge, in front of your website. It's already heavily used in our Workers Docs, as well as on sites like Mailing List Hackers and Bytesized Code.

Lil Redirector works by persisting and querying redirects inside of Workers KV, and includes an administrator UI for creating, modifying, and deleting redirects. With the addition of Cloudflare Access, you can authenticate using powerful rule-based logic to ensure that multiple members of your team can manage and deploy new redirects, and fix broken links on your site without needing to work with a developer.

Lil Redirector is 100% open-source, too! Check out the GitHub repository if you're interested in deploying your own Lil Redirector or contributing back to the project.