Automating business registration


We have automated the entire process of registering a business in Romania, from onboarding to signing requiring documents and receiving your certificates. Focused on digital businesses, we hope to streamline the business registration process for entrepreneurs, and allow them to focus on what matters most: scaling up their idea

Why Cloudflare

Cloudflare is our secret tool to making sure customers have access to fast results, and get instant access to information.

We use Cloudflare Pages to provide fast access to our websites and make sure content always reaches our customers quickly, independent on where they might be around the world. Functions allows us to optimize SEO and build on top of our javascript website to increase load speed, allow caching, interact with our backend, and more.

Workers has allowed us to create microservices without the usual increase in maintenance effort that running microservices generally require. We use Cloudflare email workers to automate getting documents from the commerce registry, courts, and more, and submit them to our customers for them to get access to them as quick as they reach us.

R2 has made it possible for us to store large amounts of documents from our customers safely, and we've had good results with it's speed and affordability.

On top of that, we use Zaraz to analyse churn on our platform, and see how we can target customers better. We automatically detect churn, and handle it using another worker to send emails using Cloudflare's partnership with MailChannels.