HTML/CSS to Image

An API for generating images from HTML/CSS.


Our API enables people to automate their image generation using markup they already know well (HTML/CSS). They either integrate with us using code, or a tool such as Zapier or Integromat. People often use our API when they have any sort of manual image creation process that they'd like to automate. The coolest use of the API we've seen so far is on digital billboards. There are billboards in several cities that have ads auto generated by our API.

Why Workers?

We love Cloudflare Workers. Our API has to be fast. We use Workers extensively to aggressively cache images and even JSON response payloads from our API. This greatly reduces the load on our servers and allows us to have sub 50 millisecond response times for cached API calls.

We initially started with Workers by using them as a rate limiter and router for our backend services. Each of our API endpoints are served by a different backend app, Workers route to the correct one based on the type of request. Since then, we've also started using K/V and request re-writing to build features "on the edge", so that requests never need to hit our servers.