Down for Everyone or Just Me

A simple tool to answer the question: is that website down for everyone or just me?


Our website allows visitors to quickly and easily answer the question: "is that website down for everyone or just me?" Website outages can have many causes, from a regional network problem, to a routing issue, all the way down to something only affecting a single visitor. We perform a simple HTTP check against the website from an edge location closest to the visitor to inform the user if we believe the site is down for them or everyone.

Why Workers?

Cloudflare Workers allowed us to easily deploy a simple backend API and without any additional configuration have it execute from the edge location closest to the visitor, without deploying to multiple regions or paying exorbitant fees for that privilege. Request performance and the "cold start" problem was vastly improved by moving our site to Cloudflare Workers, but more importantly, Cloudflare allows us to operate the site how we intended, without compromise, while still being cost effective. We have also been able to move a lot of our page rewrite logic out of our application and into Workers, saving us a considerable amount of backend requests to our application.