A/B testing as easy as short URLs


When you go to create your first A/B tests in a code base it can be very daunting. How do we split traffic? How do we avoid skewing results? Do we use a 3rd party service? What is the cost integration? In fighting with all these questions I started Direktor.io. I just wanted an integration free way to split traffic for landing pages I was creating.

With Direktor.io you can create a split test just like you would create a short URL. Add in your URLs and we'll give you a URL that you can direct traffic to. The result is a no integration, bring your own analytics, ultra performant split testing system!

How Cloudflare Workers has helped Direktor.io

We use Cloudflare Workers and the Worker KV store to help us split traffic. Whenever you add a test into Direktor.io we ask Cloudflare to record the source and the destinations. Whenever a request comes into the Cloudflare worker we flip a coin and take people to the destination URL. Since everything happens at the CDN level redirects happen with very little delay!