Dig Website and Ordering App

Restaurant's online ordering app providing scale and reliability even at peak hours


Dig (also known as Dig Inn) is a large chain of fast casual restaurants in the US's Northeast. They focus on fresh food, sustainability, and working directly with farmers and partners to plan mindful recipes.

Dig has walk-in locations, but a significant amount of their business is online, order ahead. They need a website that can give people the information they're looking for (menus, locations, careers, and more), allows online ordering in an easy way for a very customizable menu, and doesn't crash during peak times - when traffic can increase very quickly.

Why Workers

Ordering site: https://order.diginn.com. This is a React site that's all hosted on Cloudflare Workers Sites. The JS calls an underlying API to get/handle dynamic ordering logic. We're using Github Actions to build/deploy this to Workers Sites when commits are approved and merged to master. Workers also helps to make sure all the React routing happens properly. Because this all runs on Workers, we never have to worry about a large spike in traffic or orders bringing down the system and causing a revenue loss.

Informational site: https://www.diginn.com. This is a CMS-based site, which we integrated with the Cloudflare Cache Break API. We've set all the HTML to "Cache Everything" and the CMS runs cache purge API calls when pages are updated or scheduled to go live. Assets are stored on S3 but also go through Cloudflare so we can get the benefits of Polish compression and better caching behavior with the Cloudflare CDN.