A faster, better way to find movie showtimes that work for you.


I kept running into a problem when I would get together with friends to see a movie. group of friends. Everyone had different requirements for a screening: some wanted reclining seats, others were concerned about the price or the what time the movie would end, etc. I would have to break out a spreadsheet to aggregate the screenings and find the showtime that worked best for all of us. I figured there had to be a better way to do this, but I wasn’t able to find one. I decided I would attempt to solve this problem by creating a web app that would allow the user to filter and sort the data to find the showtime that works best for them. I built Cinematix as a way to do just that. The goal of this application is to help users find a showtime that fits the varying needs of a group as quickly as possible.

Why Workers?

Cloudflare Workers allows me to focus on building a great user experience while leaving the stability and scaling to Cloudflare. I can have confidence that no matter how many people are looking for a showtime, they will have a fantastic experience because of Cloudflare. I look forward to using Cloudflare Workers for future projects.