Learn to code with free guides, screencasts, and Byteconf, a streaming conference series.

Bytesized Code

Bytesized Code was started in 2017 to innovate on developer education online. In March of 2018, we launched our first Byteconf conference, Byteconf React, which was streamed online on Twitch to over 900 people across the world.

Since then, we've expanded our approach—not just conferences, but full tutorials and guest posts on our blog, and screencasts and video content on our YouTube channel.

Of course, at the end of the day, Bytesized is built by a developer (hi!) and so there's a fair amount of yak-shaving and technical experiments too. It's a lot of fun to iterate on a platform using cutting-edge open-source tools: it helps us understand our audience and the kind of topics we should cover next.

The Tech

Bytesized increasingly leans on Cloudflare Workers for all kinds of aspects of the website. It's built with Gatsby, and hosted with Workers Sites. A number of redirects are handled directly inside of the Workers script for the website, and there are plans to introduce HTML Rewriter as a way of handling lightweight "edge-side state" for parts of the application.

The Team

Bytesized Code is... a team of one! I'm Kristian, and I've been teaching developers in some form since 2013, when I uploaded my first YouTube video, showing how to get up and running with Vim. Say hey to me on Twitter 👍

Also built with Workers...