Helping bridge humans, developers, and machines together is building multiple AI tools with a focus on helping bridge humans, developers, and machines together. They’re currently building several ChatGPT plugins (such as CVEs and S3 storage), YourCrowd (MTurk compatible API for humans and bots), and Valkyrie (an automated zero-trust hardening for Linux applications and cloud workloads).

How they use Cloudflare is a heavy user of Cloudflare Workers, Email Workers, Pages, R2, Durable Objects, Constellation (now Workers AI), Cache API, DMARC management, Access, WAF, logpush, DNS, Health Checks, Zaraz, and D1.

Why Cloudflare?

They chose Cloudflare mainly because of the Workers platform. Being able to deploy new code rapidly globally with a single command has greatly simplified their DevOps needs, and they no longer need to worry about whether they have enough resources to scale up.