AI-powered transcription service


TurboScribe.ai is an AI-powered transcription service specializing in converting audio and video files to accurate text in seconds. TurboScribe allows users to transcribe an unlimited number of audio and video files to text or subtitles; catering to professional transcriptionists, universities and small business owners who want a simple tool to include in their workflow.

How they use Cloudflare

Leveraging R2 lets TurboScribe store large files including videos, audio files and transcripts. R2 has been ideal for avoiding both vendor lock in as well as no egress fees. The TurboScribe team uses Cloudflare Workers to deploy micro functions on the backend. TurboScribe also leverages Cloudflare Tunnel to provide a secure way to connect resources without a publicly routable IP address.

Why Cloudflare?

“Cloudflare console is great - it's fast, global within a few seconds. It radically simplifies the infrastructure to maintain on my own servers and is super easy to explore in the development phase. R2 is a no brainer given there are zero egress fess. It's super simple to just spin up without paying exorbitant storage fees.”