Leverage Workers for Enhanced Cybersecurity Training


TryHackMe, recognized as the largest training cybersecurity platform with nearly 3 million users, offers free online learning experiences through practical exercises and labs accessible via web browsers. Catering to users of varying expertise levels, from entry-level to advanced learners, TryHackMe provides a secure and controlled environment for honing hacking skills and gaining insights into diverse aspects of cybersecurity.

How they use Cloudflare

TryHackMe employs Cloudflare Workers as a versatile gateway, optimizes SEO and social media presence through injected metadata, utilizes Workers to proxy insights data for user-centric enhancements, and leverages Cloudflare Workers for scalability insights without causing user concerns.

Why Cloudflare?

“By integrating Cloudflare Workers into our infrastructure, TryHackMe has fortified its position as the largest cybersecurity training platform, delivering fast, secure, and dynamic learning experiences to millions of users worldwide. The strategic use of Workers in gateway management, SEO optimization, and insights proxying has not only improved the platform's performance but also enhanced user satisfaction and expanded its reach. Cloudflare Workers emerge as a crucial technology partner in TryHackMe's mission to empower individuals with practical cybersecurity skills.”