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About is a comprehensive platform dedicated to Japanese culture, language learning, and travel, aiming to be a valuable resource for those interested in exploring Japan's rich heritage. For users interested in learning the Japanese language, or planning a visit to the country, provides a wealth of information on various aspects of Japan including detailed guides, cultural insights, language lessons, and tips for travelers.

How they use Cloudflare uses a combination of Cloudflare’s CDN, cache, Automatic Platform Optimization (APO), Workers and Workers AI to build and manage the platform. Before using Cloudflare, used to translate via Translatepress, which had become a bit expensive for their needs. By using Cloudflare Workers to route requests and build APIs, combined with an n8n automated workflow and Workers AI, SKDesu is able to run language models like @cf/meta/m2m100-1.2b to streamline generative translations and translate texts across wordpress sites virtually at no cost.

Why Cloudflare?

“The incumbent version of our translation service that leveraged Google Translator API became extremely expensive. Cloudflare offered us a cost-effective alternative.”