Render screenshots in one simple API call


ScreenshotOne is a screenshot API that allows customers to render website screenshots with one simple API call in minutes. Not only that, but also it can render videos, PDF documents, and much much more.

ScreenshotOne utilizes Cloudflare as CDN and storage for quickly serving rendered images and delivering their customers a superb performance experience.

How they Use Cloudflare

Before building on Cloudflare, Screenshot One used a combination of digital options to build the API and user interface. Since then, Screenshot One utilizes Cloudflare Pages to build and manage static landing pages and Cloudflare Workers as the core of the API service.

Workers make it super easy to handle all API requests as a gateway proxy to rendering website screenshots.. First, requests run through Cloudflare Workers; with some requests being sent directly through the API. The Worker will check if there is an image in the cache. If the image is not available, the Worker will then check the R2 storage. If not found in R2, the request then goes back to the server.

Why Cloudflare?

“I like the technology and I see a lot of development, improvements and new features I can use right out of the box right away without having to change anything”