AI-powered writing tools


RightBlogger is an all-in-one toolkit for bloggers to better research, create, optimize, and promote content. Providing a mix of AI tools and keyword research, RightBlogger’s collection of 50+ high-powered tools provides everything a blogger actually needs, at an affordable price for bloggers of all sizes.

How they use Cloudflare

In addition to using Cloudflare’s domain registrar to register over 100 domains, RightBlogger uses a variety of Cloudflare tools under the hood of the platform including:

  • Cloudflare Cache Rules to sit in front of third-party systems to cache content, helping to save money on traffic and requests
  • Email Routing
  • Cloudflare Stream for video management
  • AI Gateway for tracking down errors, identifying bugs and tracking requests to determine what's adding to the costs and the AI Gateway caching tool.
  • Turnstile to ensure free tools are being used by real humans

Why Cloudflare?

The team behind RightBlogger has been using Cloudflare for over 10 years on a variety of products. “Cloudflare is basically our vault, our trust in Cloudflare is really high.”

“Without AI Gateway it’s difficult to see which applications are driving the majority of the costs with the OpenAI API. We have multiple projects and need to see where the requests were coming in and what’s adding to the cost. We can choose to limit the number of requests used by certain tools to control costs. The errors provided help us track down specific bugs in our systems.“