Enhancing user experience with fast API responses


Resilis helps businesses deploy global, low-latency APIs with no code, while also reducing infrastructure expenses by at least 30%. Resilis also serves as a globally distributed API cache proxy, bringing responses closer to users while keeping the cache up to date in real time.

How do they use Cloudflare?

As a distributed proxy, it's important to have no point of failure and the ability to handle excessive loads. Resillis took inspiration from how CDN's help reduce request latency for static assets and decided to leverage it to provide a similar benefit for APIs, especially dynamic API data.

To address data optimization, the Workers Cache API is the backbone of Resilis caching system helping to reduce load from the server. While Cloudflare Workers is the entry point to the application for a user, processing millions of requests, Resillis uses Durable Objects to manage and validate the caches and Workers KV for API configuration storage/management.

Resillis also uses Cloudflare Pages to build out the Resillis dashboards, with Cloudflare Workers easily handling excessive loads of traffic through peak traffic, keeping costs relatively flat as users grow. And with Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect APIs, the Developer platform allows Resillis to enforce security policies at the edge layer, moving all optimization to the edge.

Why Cloudflare?

“The Developer platform experience has been awesome, allowing us to handle millions of requests with ease. The pricing is great, the Workers KV works great! We can distribute storage at scale, and the dashboard works smoothly and seamlessly.”

“We are considering submitting Resillis on the next cohort of the Launchpad Program!”