Compelling Web-based Proposals


Qwilr is the leading interactive proposal solution for modern sales teams. It’s used by thousands of happy customers to create engaging proposals, quotes, contracts and more, as beautiful and compelling web pages with more benefits than a typical PDF. Before Qwilr, sales and marketing teams would send out proposals as manually designed PDFs. Qwilr replaces this workflow with an easy to use visual editor, e-signatures, automations, analytics and more.

How do they use Cloudflare

For day-to-day operations, Qwilr wanted to make sure deployments were a breeze. By transitioning from Wordpress to Cloudflare Pages, the Developer Platform offered a very smooth deployment process for the Qwilr website.

Qwilr also uses Cloudflare Workers, Cloudflare Pages, and D1 for their generated proposals, and Turnstile for forms on the marketing website.

The Qwilr team is currently on the Enterprise plan. Before that, the marketing website was the first to go live, and was running for $5 / Mo on the Workers Plan, which provided a huge value.

Why Cloudflare?

“Coming from the AWS environment, Cloudflare is much easier to use and documentation is a lot more clear and cohesive."

“Pricing felt like a good bang for our buck when it came to hosting a marketing website, and coming from the previous iteration on Wordpress, the deployment process is a breeze.”

“Serving assets with speed and as close to the user as possible has been key for us. Our website is super quick now!”