Redefining the financial landscape


Payello supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, allowing you to charge customers in their native currency while receiving funds in yours. The Payello platform lets you accept credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and dozens of payment methods from around the world—all with a single integration.

How they use Cloudflare

Payello relies on Cloudflare to power its digital services and enhance website performance worldwide. With Cloudflare’s cutting-edge infrastructure, Payello utilizes advanced features such as:

Workers for Platforms Allows users to create and use external apps with Payello.

Cloudflare for SaaS Enables Payello’s users to use their own web domains during the checkout process.

Cloudflare Tunnel To ensure secure connections between users and confidential financial and personal data

Cloudflare Workers To host its websites and APIs on the edge, enabling fast and reliable web experiences

Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) To secure its APIs, preventing potential attacks and abuse

Why Cloudflare?

"Cloudflare’s suite of solutions enables Payello to improve its website performance, scalability, security, and customer experience, leading to increased business reach and customer retention."

"Through its collaboration with Cloudflare, Payello delivers outstanding digital services, increased global reach, and unparalleled security and performance to its customers."