Deployment and administration platform for Nuxt, powered by Cloudflare


NuxtHub enables the creation of full-stack Nuxt applications directly on the edge. Built on the Nuxt framework, NuxtHub's capabilities are extended through a web dashboard for app deployment and management, allowing for deployment on Cloudflare accounts with benefits like dynamic rendering, low latency, and potentially free or low-cost operation, making it a comprehensive platform for Nuxt app development​.

How they use Cloudflare

Building out the platform UX with Cloudflare Pages allows NuxtHub users to deploy full-stack applications with ease and speed and without any configuration. With the platform oriented around using Cloudflare, the dashboard shares existing subscriptions of Workers while giving users seamless access to various storage options like databases (D1), key-value (Workers KV), and blob storage (R2) to round out an awesome developer experience. And with built-in observability tools, users can parse through Logs and drive insights of what's being served via Cloudflare.

Why Cloudflare

“The decision to go with Cloudflare was easy. Adding D1, R2, and other offerings gave us faith in providing a full stack service to shape Nuxt in a way that makes it easy to deploy to Workers by minimizing user output.”