Lightweight Open Source CMS


Microfeed is an open-source & lightweight Content Management System (CMS) developed by the team behind Listen Notes (podcast search engine and podcast api).

Originally designed to offer podcasters a free hosting solution that includes the use of custom domain names, Microfeed has evolved into a versatile CMS platform, seamlessly integrated within Cloudflare's comprehensive product offerings.

Microfeed serves as a lightweight, serverless alternative to traditional CMS like WordPress, enabling users to use a drag & drop UI to publish diverse content formats including audio, video, photos, documents, and blog posts, as well as external URLs, across web, RSS, and JSON feeds. Microfeeds' flexibility is further enhanced by its CRUD API, facilitating seamless integration with 3rd-party tools and services.

How do they use Cloudflare

Microfeed is entirely developed on top of Cloudflare's suite of services, enhancing its performance, bolstering security, and ensuring scalability:

  • Cloudflare Pages: Powers the deployment and hosting of the site.
  • Cloudflare R2: Offers media file hosting (audio, images, videos, PDFs, etc.), complemented by generous free usage quotas - 10GB of free storage.
  • Cloudflare D1: Provides a scalable solution for storing metadata, crucial for dynamic content management.
  • Cloudflare Zero Trust: Secures admin dashboard access, ensuring that only authorized users can manage content.

This integration not only simplifies the hosting and management of digital content but also offers cost-effective scalability, crucial for developers working on personal projects or small business solutions. Despite the necessity of purchasing a domain, the overall cost of hosting a Microfeed site on Cloudflare is effectively $0, primarily because of Cloudflare's generous free tiers.

Why Cloudflare?

"The choice of Cloudflare as the backbone for Microfeed stems from Listen Notes' positive, long-standing relationship with Cloudflare since 2017. Cloudflare's comprehensive suite of services—ranging from DNS and CDN to firewalls—has been instrumental in supporting Listen Notes' infrastructure. The seamless integration and interoperability between Cloudflare's products have provided a stellar developer experience, encouraging the adoption of Cloudflare for the Microfeed project. Moreover, Cloudflare's developer-friendly platform enables the effortless setup of multiple Microfeed instances under a single account at no additional cost."