A modern remote configuration platform for app and game teams


Joystick is more than your typical run of the mill JSON hosting. This modern remote configuration platform allows game and app developers to host, deploy and manage configs across multiple environments; make changes instantly and safely without tedious code merges, builds and deploys. Game developers and teams can update content, assets, conduct a/b testing with segmentation built in, without going through the long process of code iterations for games or apps.

How they use Cloudflare

Traditionally, changing game mechanics, economy or offers is a “long process” that involves specs, engineers making changes, merging code, creating builds, testing, deploying onto an app store, waiting for approvals, then waiting for customers to download. Joystick is a service that allows developers to make configuration or asset changes through an editor or API and distributing those changes at scale. Changes that used to take days can be done in minutes.

Joystick hosts their client-side interface hosted on Cloudflare Pages, this together with CI/CD makes deploying new updates easy; all configs are served through Cloudflare Workers and Workers KV. Developers can push configs into the Joystick system, which are picked up by Cloudflare Workers and cached into Workers KV store. Requests go to Workers to check if the config is in the KV store or not. If not, it will retrieve the content from the origin. Cloudflare’s globally distributed network means config requests from anywhere have extremely fast response times.

Joystick also built an asset manager, powered by Cloudflare R2, right into the platform. Teams can drag-&-drop images, asset bundles, videos and more. A custom CDN link to the asset is created instantly. Since this is on R2, accessing the asset from is fast and snappy.

Future integrations include AI-power config updating via natural language with ChatGPT plug-in.

Why Cloudflare?

“Joystick wants to help app and game teams operate faster, and in a more agile and dynamic way. We looked at other cloud offerings but didn’t do any code against them. Cloudflare was clear and easier to understand, and setting up Workers, KV, R2, Pages was easy for us.”

“Powered by Cloudflare, we are fundamentally designed to help manage configurations for fast update cycles. We can’t be happier with the performance and value we get from Cloudflare, and we often use Cloudflare’s Discord for help; the community has been great!”